#summerinlilly Let's Get Crackin!

Our "Story Written in the Sun" continues as we make our way up from Florida to the inspiration of our Spring 2014 collection -- the chic, southern states of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Meet a few of our favorite prints from the latest delivery below!

- Jellies Be Jammin -

We love the watercolor–like transparencies of jellyfish and the carefree way they float through the day – but we like them even more safely in our prints.

- Lostah Roll -

Lobsters are quirky critters – they are a little dangerous with their quick claws but quite sweet if you get them in a bake. Hey‚ that sounds like girls that we love: a little feisty on the exterior but sweet as pie when they’re baking in the sun.

- Get Crackin -

This print was inspired by a memory we live out every summer…we sit in our (Lilly‚ of course) tunics‚ sand still on our toes and crack crabs with family‚ well–loved friends‚ and new friends we made that day. Please pass me a mallet.


Daytime dresses, party dresses, shift dresses, maxi dresses -- whatever it is you need, we've got you covered!


Is your outfit missing that special finishing touch? Polished from head to toe, us Lilly girls don't miss any details!


Meet the Ross Dress. This halter style dress is the perfect option for hosting a garden party! Available in the beautiful Charleston eyelet lace in white and Navy and featured print, Ring the Bellboy.


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